Are You An Inbox Wimp? (Shocking Video)

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I just read a cool direct response marketing study about a business that was promoting an event to the public…

They did the ultimate split test from their TV commercials…

1. They asked half the viewers to go to a website and enter a contest for free VIP tickets by submitting their Email address.

2. They asked the other half to text message the word “fox” (the TV channel) to their mobile short code (ex: 12345)

The TV ad with the Text message call-to-action generated 325% more contest entries than the Email at the website call-to-action.

One word: Wow

Because of this HUGE shift underway, I created a perfectly-timed, turn-key online business system (appropriately called Maximum iNcome Machine) that shows you how to cash in on this Mobile Marketing mega-trend while foolish entrepreneurs continue to chase an old, broken Internet Marketing trend…..

The ONE video the phony-baloney Internet Marketing Guru’s hoped you’d never see explains exposes all RIGHT HERE

Listen, in a world where business owners and marketers are still trying to stuff as many Email messages into someone’s inbox, the truly smart business owners are swiftly shifting to a more “one-to-one” connection with their prospects and customers by using SMS Text Marketing.

It’s lazy and wimpy to use Email alone as a communication channel. And it’s becoming less and less profitable. Anyone can send free Emails. Plus, Email deliverability rates and open rates have fallen off a cliff in the past 12-months. It’s a nightmare, actually. Most are too ignorant to look at the real numbers. Don’t be a wimp.

Get the FACTS and PROFIT from them RIGHT HERE

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